Spanish 19C polished wood frame, 14 x 11 1/4″ (36 x 28.5 cms)

This simple frame shows the impact of elegant design.  It has a slightly cushioned back edge, barely visible in the photo above – and was probably a print frame (it has a double rebate, sometimes used to keep artwork away from the glass).  It may have been one of many such made in a workshop in the 1860s, or 1900’s – I don’t know – but whoever came up with it just had a very good, pure, eye for design.


?Early 20C oak wedge section with stencilled motif 35 x 26″ (89 x 66 cms)

Strange frame with stencilled frieze of noble knight slaying decorative dragon – can’t get much more unusual than that!


Spanish 17th or 18th Century black and gold frame with centre and corner ornament in gilded papier maché, 52 3/4 x 47 1/2″ (134 x 121 cms)

A very unusual Spanish frame with paper-moulded centres and corners.   This is quite a large frame and the boldness of the ornament means that it needs a strong, possibly modern, painting to frame.


19C polished hardwood frame, wedge section with brown polished outer edge, 36 x 27″ (91 x 69 cms)

Interesting frame, I am not sure what the wood is but it is polished to show the fine overall grain.  Might be in the Japanese style? It would make a marvellous mirror.


6879 -

Italian ? painted reverse wedge cassetta frame – 29 x 28″ (73.5 x 71 cms)

Elegant but confident painted frame with silvery gold sight and back edges, the painted surface a slightly uneven dusty green.  I had always thought how good a frame like this would look on a Lucian Freud painting…



Spanish 18 or 19C painted reverse plate frame, 17 x 14″ (43 x 36 cms)


This is a very attractive painted frame.  The painted wheatear-like flowers and leaves remind me of Bloomsbury ornament.  I also like how the sides of the frame taper slightly and are of different widths.



French 19C frame with applied embossed and gilded ornament, 18 x 13″ (46 x 33 cms)

Frames covered in embossed paper are fairly unusual – this one is in very fine condition and great care has been taken with the gilding.


White/off white painted and textured frame, probably English from the 1950’s, 21 x 15″ (53 x 38 cms)

Modernist frames are often the creation of artists and framemakers working in conjunction.  They can also be quite wacky and inventive.